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4-In-1 Foot Care File

Keep your feet looking pretty with this super-compact foot file. Small enough to take with you when ..


Bare Essentials Fc7 Straight Tweezer

What It Is Keep your eyebrows in shape and rid yourself off stray hair with Bare Essentials effectiv..


Bare Essentials Fc8 Precision Tweezer

What It Is Keep your eyebrows in shape and rid yourself off stray hair with Bare Essentials precisio..


Bare Essentials Mp3 Cuticle Trimmer

What It Is Shape your cuticle with this handy trimmer that has long, curved handles. What It Does T..


Blow-Drying Brush

A brush created specifically for blow-drying, to create volume and texture while providing maximum a..


Blush Brush

The perfect blush brush is particularly good for highlighting and shading cheeks and face with blush..


Chambor Cosmetic Pencil Twin Sharpener 2802

What It Is A 2-in-1 dual sharpener made of German silver. What It Does A 2-in-1 cosmetic pencil sha..


Colorbar Pro Tip Sharpener

What It Is A professional-grade sharpener that's made in Germany. It comes with plastic pick to keep..


Colorbar Showstopper Eyelash Curler

What It Is An eyelash curler that doesn't pinch, giving you perfectly-curled lashes every time. Wha..


Cushion Brush

This cushion brush detangles hair without pulling or damaging the hair. A multi-purpose brush with s..


Detangling Comb

Perfect detangling tool designed to slide through hairs without ripping or tugging. Helps eliminate ..


Foot File

This handy turquoise foot file efficiently removes dead skin cells from feet, leaving them feeling s..


Giordani Gold Black Powder Brush

Luxurious, retractable powder brush with natural animal hair bristles. Enables you to create comfort..


Happydisiac Man Eau de Toilette

Feel your happiness soar with the bliss-inducing scent of new Happydisiac Man. It’s the ultimate w..


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